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Re: leaving fedora

> On 17.12.2008 15:10, Paul Howarth wrote:
>> Jon Ciesla wrote:
>>>> 2008/12/16 Patrice Dumas <pertusus free fr>:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> I am leaving fedora (though not EPEL), and since I have been quite
>>>>> vocal in the last months, I thought it would deserve some
>>>>> explanation.
>>>>> All that follows is highly subjective, and I don't think it
>>>>> should lead to much discussion, and since it is very subjective, I
>>>>> won't give names or facts to prove what I say, these are my feelings.
>>>> Just cannot believe in my eyes. Worst news.
>>>> My sponsor, please stay. :(
>>> Do we need to work out a sponsorship transfer?  Not sure what the
>>> policy
>>> is for this sort of thing.
>> I think there are a lot of people in this position, e.g. many people
>> (myself included) lost their sponsor when Elliot Lee left.
> The real question is: How long do you have to keep any eye on somebody
> you sponsored? That should get answered before  the question "Who takes
> over the sponsor burden if the sponsor doesn't do it properly or leaves"
> gets discussed.
> The answer to the first question afaics depends on the person that is
> being sponsored. I for example stopped watching cwickert after just a
> few weeks or months, as I got the impression that he found its way into
> the project properly and can work on his own (he was made sponsor a few
> months later). But other people that are less involved/active I'd say it
> important to watch them for longer time-frames. But it's IMHO definitely
> shouldn't be a life-time job IMHO ;-)

Exactly, it's important to watch people early on, but once you get past an
initial period and have a person's cluefulness demonstrated, there's
really no need.

Maybe some of the Orphans would be good sponsor material.  Some might not,
and should have a new sponsor.  FESCO fodder?

> Cu
> knurd
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