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Re: Futuer of grub/grub2 to F11

2008/12/17 Jochen Schmitt <Jochen herr-schmitt de>:
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> Hallo,
> nowaday I have read in the german fedora forum, that grub is not able
> to handle
> ext4 file systems. In opposite grub2 should be able to support ext4.
> Because Fedora/Red Hat is a leader of development of the ext4 file
> system, I want to
> ask about the plan for ext4 on F11 or F12.
> Because, I'm assume, that you don't want to patch grub for ext4, you
> have to migrate
> to grub2 if you want to support ext4 on /boot.

/boot is a 100-200 MB partition on many machines. Unless Grub can
safely handled an encrypted partition on top of a Logical Volume
running on an encrypted Volume Group running on an encrypted Physical
Volume on an encrypted hard drive, with levels of Software RAID in
between each step, there's just no sense supporting /boot on anything
other than a 100-200 MB ext2 or ext3 volume.

Better question is, why do you need ext4 on /boot?

I suppose getting some more sophisticated volume handling from Grub
would be nice, once btrfs becomes more mainstream, because i know i'll
want everything on btrfs.


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