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Re: Fedora 10 - Boot Analysis

drago01 wrote:

Such notifications would not be likely to seen by me as I almost never
sit near the machines where the disks live.  Who gets them if multiple
users are logged in via X or freenx?  Or if no one is logged in at all,
or if X isn't running?
Ahh, but to flip your argument on it's head, you know how to setup mail
delivery of such notices don't you?

Yeah people how know about them know how to enable them (its not
rocket science btw) but most users don't need them and don't even know
that they exits ...

OK, so some users are ignorant at first.  That doesn't have to last forever.

so why make the boot process slower for most users?

That's a complete separate question, since having a standard mail transport doesn't have to slow the boot process.

And why do people always shout "oh no you changed something that has
been that way for years that must be wrong even if its better for most
users"  ?

Why do people pretend that they just invented computers and that no one else understands them, ignoring standards that have developed over many years for good reasons?

...  nobody wants to remove MTA's from fedora they just want
to not install/enable it by default.

How is not installing it different from removing it? If a 3rd party program needs it, it's not there.

We really need to make the boot process faster .. talking about how
important a MTA isn't the best way to accomplish this goal .. it will
ends up like every fedora release.

So do the obvious thing. Make booting faster without disabling expected functionality.

Talk and no changes due to flamewar = no or minimal boot time improvement.

I don't think there would be any flamewar if someone stuck to the subject of boot times and just deferred the MTA startup or put it in the background. There is no need to wait.

  Les Mikesell
   lesmikesell gmail com

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