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tclxml warning: rename and repackage coming to F11

Upstream has reorganized the code for tclxml, tcldom, and tclxslt so
that all three packages are now contained in the same source tarball.
The code itself has been reorganized as well, so that it's no longer
possible to ship tcldom and tclxml separately as we do now.

To fix, I'm merging these two packages for F11 (which will now include
tclxslt, which wasn't part of Fedora before).  At the same time, I'm
renaming the base package to 'tcl-tclxml' to conform with the Tcl
packaging guidelines.  Since this involves much change to the spec file,
I've requested a new package review[1].  The existing tclxml and tcldom
packages will be EOL'd once this new package has been approved.

Anyone who depends on tclxml or tcldom should be aware of this change.
F10 and earlier will not be updated to this new upstream release.


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