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Re: [Fedora Update] [testing] shorewall-4.0.15-1.fc8

2008/12/18 Jesse Keating <jkeating redhat com>:
> On Thu, 2008-12-18 at 01:18 +0000, Jonathan Underwood wrote:
>> It's a minor version bump with bug fixes only. This update is about
>> enhancing stability - the 4.0.x release tree of shorewall is in a bug
>> fix mode. FWIW I had planned to leave it in updates-testing for
>> eternity, as I've seen other packages do near a release EOL.
> This would be great information to put in the bodhi notes, so that users
> consuming this update have this information. *hint*

Well they did already say "New upstream bugfix version". A bit
austere, granted :). I've added some (small) detail about the bugs
actually fixed from upstream release notes.

[As an aside I am the first to admit I am guilty of not paying enough
attention to filling enough detail in the Advisory Notes for updated
packages... but largely because the hover-over for the bodhi form
refers to the Advisory Notes as "Some optional details about this
update...", so I'd never really considered the Advisory Notes as being
mandatory (because of the word "optional").]


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