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Re: query post/postun/preun dependencies for a rpm

On Thu, 18 Dec 2008, Till Maas wrote:


I would like to query the post/postun/preun dependencies of an rpm.
If I run rpm --requires -q pam_mount, it is not shown which dependencies
result e.g. from a Requires(post), but I am sure that there is at least one,
e.g. one of the /bin/sh dependencies.

The information is stored in RPMTAG_REQUIREFLAGS of headers but there's no formatter to make it human readable in current rpm versions (upstream has :deptype now but that's not yet in rpm 4.6.0), meanwhile this'll do the trick: http://laiskiainen.org/rpm/scripts/depnames.py

[pmatilai localhost ~]$ ./depnames.py pam_mount
auto R /bin/bash
post R /bin/sh
auto R /bin/sh
auto R /usr/bin/perl
manual R config(pam_mount) = 0.49-1.fc10
manual R libHX >= 1.25

This'll only work for installed packages, making it work for non-installed packages is left as an excercise to the reader...

	- Panu -

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