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Re: RFC: Description text in packages

On Thursday 18 December 2008 16:46:42 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Bill Crawford wrote:
> > It's usually "Alt Gr" or "AltGr" (alternative graphic) and that is
> > (again, *usually*) the "right alt" key. My keyboard has it labelled that
> > way, so it is not intended for accelerators.

> I did, in fact, know that :-), and I understand that's typical of non-US
> keyboards. My US keyboard however has two keys labeled "Alt". Both of
> them do, in fact, work to activate the menu (or other accelerators).

Ah, I see what you mean (you didn't spell that out and I was a little slow of 
thinking today for some reason).

> ...which is the point I was trying to make to Nicolas; when dealing with
> current US keyboards, there is no precedent for a compose key. That's a
> lot of inertia to overcome, and (to respond to Nicolas' other comment),
> there IS NO EDUCATION SYSTEM IN PLACE right now, that I am aware of.

Ah again. The compose thing is different altogether; my preferred key for that 
is the "right windows key" (not something that's expected by keyboard design) 
and in any case the idea of "compose key" isn't really expected by most people 
coming from another (Windows) universe either, so it doesn't really qualify 
as "intuitive" [wrong word, of course!] by most people's standards.

> I keep waiting for a proposal to fix that. I haven't heard one yet.

That part isn't easily fixable (hire a truck with a loudspeaker to go around and 
tell people? reminds me of a scene from the Blues Brothers ...)

> (Bill: I've sort of hijacked your post, sorry about that :-).)

If you meant me, no problem :o) if you meant the other Bill, I think he stopped 
reading the thread already ;o)

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