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Re: RFC: Description text in packages

Le jeudi 18 décembre 2008 à 10:46 -0600, Matthew Woehlke a écrit :

> ...which is the point I was trying to make to Nicolas; when dealing with 
> current US keyboards, there is no precedent for a compose key. That's a 
> lot of inertia to overcome, and (to respond to Nicolas' other comment), 
> there IS NO EDUCATION SYSTEM IN PLACE right now, that I am aware of.

So is your argument that because there is inertia, trying something new
won't work, because inertia will necessarily win?

Or is your argument that takeup will be difficult in the US?

I hope you realise that Fedora is an international project, and that to
overcome inertia, you need by definition to start something new in the
first place.

Even MS has magic symbols on something similar to xkb's 3rd and 4th
levels, and I've not seen it hurting either windows or US people in the

People will be educated the way they are educated computer-side. Someone
will RTFM or discover accidently the features, other people will notice
he manages to input pretty stuff, and the tricks will spread.

So get some perspective. People manage this kind of computer novelty all
the time. The markup Richard is so enamoured of is just as hard to
educate about.

Nicolas Mailhot

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