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Re: gallery2 outstanding security bugs -- Abondoned by Berninger?

> Jon Ciesla wrote:
>> Understandable.  If this person exists, then that is the logical path.
>> If
>> not, then are distro maintainers to simply soldier on, maintaining what
>> are, in effect, forks?  I have to think that in the absence of the
>> Qualified Individual we all desire, a coordinating effort of distro
>> maintainers would be preferable to the status quo.
> I wholeheartedly agree.  I'm more than happy to see them all set up with
> the necessary permissions on the Sourceforge site.

Adding Tom Lane back to the thread.

So at this point we'd need you, Lee, or someone else with the sf.net
project access, to grant the access, and buy-in from interested
maintainers, which would be Brian and Tom(unless he wants to designate
someone else) so far.  I'll research who others are at other distros.

I am also willing to contribute, beyond simply meddling. :)  I have a
sf.net account(limburgher), etc.

> Thanks,
> Lee.

in your fear, speak only peace
in your fear, seek only love

-d. bowie

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