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Re: Multiple packages from one tarball and spec file

Trever L. Adams wrote:
> Conrad Meyer wrote:
>> On Saturday 29 November 2008 07:42:50 am Trever L. Adams wrote:
>>> Additionally, I have several packages I am thinking of doing (some of
>>> which I have spec files for already). However, I am displeased with a
>>> few of them that come from one tarball. There are several options
>>> (crm114, dspam, or mailing back-ends for example) for dovecot-antispam.
>>> The problem is, you cannot build one module for dovecot that does them
>>> all, so the module has to be rebuilt with slightly different options and
>>> must conflict with all other dovecot-antispam RPMs. Is possible from one
>>> spec file and tarball? This would require different setup, build,
>>> install and package setups. This is because the same module would be
>>> built for each area, need to be packaged, and then move onto the rest.
>> Are you suggesting that in order for multiple things to Provide:
>> dovecot-antispam they need to come from the same SRPM?
>> Regards,
> Sorry for not responding quickly. This email disappeared. The problem I
> have is that dovecot-antispam has to be built specifically for each of
> the three or four ways it works. (Being: crm114, dspam, mail forward and
> some signature thing.)
> Instead of having four SRPMs which are identical other than just a few
> configuration lines and SPEC file changes, is it possible to build all
> four from one SRPM or at least from one tarball?

I believe the vim package does this to generate the vim-minimal (with
/bin/vi) and vim-enhanced  (with /usr/bin/vim).


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