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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Mark wrote:

Redhat is eager to change things when they might get in trouble if
they have it in.. like codec support.  You guys are killing out more
then enough in other packages to save your own asses and you tell us
that you want to follow upstream..

If a software is not included at all in Fedora, then there is no modification and upstream is preserved as it is. For many others like in the case of gstreamer, the extra codecs or functionality is separated cleanly as plugins and we don't have to modify anything but only pick and choose, what we can include. Only as a last resort, is something patched and that is because it is the only legal choice at that point. It is still a unfortunate divergence and adds a ongoing maintenance overhead for the package maintainers. Adding more pain to the problem doesn't make sense.


i agree on that with CODE changes.
i disagree on that with config changes! config things are just the the
values set by the creators that they think are best to use. That
doesn't make them THE best settings out there. Don't be so freaking
hard on config changes!

Code and configuration cannot be easily separated like this and changes always have a associated cost. Atleast in one package I maintain, a very small and simple configuration change resulted in a potential security hole (only in rawhide for a short while but still ..)
Not in this case.
Here we can easily separate a default checkbox from code change.

I am just trying to get a clear signal out that there is something in
fedora that the people using fedora want to see different

It doesn't seem the right path to doing that, to me.


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