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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Mark wrote:
> i agree on that with CODE changes. i disagree on that with config changes!
> config things are just the the values set by the creators that they think
> are best to use. That doesn't make them THE best settings out there. Don't
> be so freaking hard on config changes!

+1, customizing configuration is really not a big deal at all. Many of our
default configurations are customized in some way.

> Or do you want me to submit a bug report to suggest that config
> changes should be allowed in fedora! but code changes shouldn't
> (unless it could possibly end up in patent lawsuits)

-1, code changes are allowed and should remain so. We already have the
WhyUpstream page providing some guidance on what kind of changes are
reasonable. How to actually handle this should be the maintainer's call, it
really depends on the package, and also on the nature of the individual
change (e.g. making some program work with PulseAudio is definitely worth

        Kevin Kofler

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