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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Robert 'Bob' Jensen wrote:

Remember these items if nothing else from this experience.
 1. Rahul is an abrasive boob who makes things sound like he is the be all and end all, the total authority, the "Omega" if you will.
 2. Don't ask for a "vote" ask for a poll to gauge interest in the topic, it will keep gentlemen like Rahul off your ass.
3. Don't cross post to the -devel list, the Developers (really mostly packagers) are not users, they are power users or more.
Robert 'EvilBob' Jensen

P.S. I vote next time Rahul shows up at a public event we paint him purple and make like a pinata. +100

P.S.S. BTW the first setting I change on every new install is "Always open in browser windows" even before running "yum update"

Hurray for cheap personal attacks to derail a technical discussion. Especially if it comes from people who you have been supportive of, all along. Well done.


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