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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Mark wrote:
Now that's just one thing you guys changed in firefox. there is a lot
more that got changed in firefox and isn't changed upstream! just go
through the firefox files on the fedora CVS.
So your argument that confis settings will have to be applied upstream
is hereby smashed to the ground because other packages don't keep that
same "deal".

The question isn't really a simple matter of whether there is a change or not but whether it is going to be in the upstream project or is it a patch forever? Pointing out deviations isn't a justification for making more such changes. It is a good motivation for avoiding them.

Some of my packages have some patches as well. In one case, upstream said they aren't doing any more releases even though they didn't disagree with the patch. In another case, the software doesn't even build without a patch in recent distributions and upstream isn't active either. There are more, which is why the guidelines have a list of exceptions as examples.

Oh men, i'm so starting to hate you.
your reasons are broken and smashed to the ground by what i said
above! get fedora in line with what you say or don't say a thing!

Hate? You need to get less emotional. Fedora is getting better at pushing things upstream (including configuration changes) than before and I don't think it is a black and white thing and we shouldn't be dismissive of configuration changes.


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