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Re: GNOME menu ugliness - Name/GenericName

Michael Schwendt wrote:
> Is this still the case? - Seems so. GNOME here only shows the Name=
> entries. How does KDE handle this?

It shows both, in different styles depending on whether you use Kickoff or
the classic menu. (Kickoff defaults to showing mainly the GenericName and
the Name on mouseover, classic defaults to showing both next to each other.
Of course if there's only Name, only Name will be displayed (which means
that if you fill in the generic name as "Name", the real name will be

> Why do we have a policy on "correct usage" of Name/GenericName that would
> make the menus look ugly.

Because the "incorrect" usage (which is sadly still used in quite a few
GNOME apps) makes the KDE menus look ugly. Not all the world uses GNOME.

> It's not just the mix of Name/GenericName in there, it confuses users, who
> are not familiar with application names.

Filling in only a generic name confuses the users who _are_ familiar with
application names. The proper solution is to fix GNOME to do something
useful with GenericName.

> I would like to violate the guidelines and put GenericName as Name to
> escape from this.

Please don't. You'll break things for KDE users if you do (and yes, we're
still fighting to get the remaining offenders fixed - please don't add to
the problem).

        Kevin Kofler

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