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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Hi Alex,

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 12:12 PM, Alexander Larsson <alexl redhat com> wrote:
I don't understand this harsh reaction. Yes, I am the maintainer of
natilus, yes I am the primary developer of nautilus for at least the
last 5 years. Yes, I am the packager of nautilus in fedora. Yes, I
implemented (not invented!) spatial mode in nautilus, for the reason
that I think its a good UI model for a file manager, especially one
targeted towards non-computer-experts like nautilus.

that's as you said your opinion but there might be a reason from a UI design point of view why nearly no other distribution nor other operating systems (like our friends from Redmond and they've done back in 3.11) use the spatial mode. Please don't understand this personal, I simply think ...

The question is, why are you so persistant about pushing your
preferences on everyone. You think I'm a fucking nuthole to have picked

... that the majority of people don't use this mode. Again, this not personal and no one think that you are "nuthole" (at least I think that no one think this :)). It's just looking at other distributions and operating systems which all don't use this mode, so I think there is at least the need of a discussion about it. Maybe we have UI experts on this list who can provide us with details about the UI research and what they think might be a smart approach.

Regards, Thomas

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