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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Horst H. von Brand
<vonbrand inf utfsm cl> wrote:
> Thomas Bendler <ml bendler-net de> wrote:
>> [Wants a vote here, as otherwise it is "designing without
>>  numbers". Claims Google shows majority don't like spatial]
> A vote here (where just the ones who feel strongly about the matter) is not
> a way to find out what "the users" want/like.
> And you surely realize that what Google finds is just the complaints of
> those who _don't_ like it, those who like it won't go around commenting on
> the feature. Besides, if Google shows a few hundred complaints, that is
> still a tiny minority of Gnome users.

What kind of crap is this reasoning?
According to you and various others there is no way to determine is a
feature is good or bad because only the ones that dislike it will post
messages (like me with this thread) and that minority is always just a
tiny fraction of the entire gnome community. That's what you said and
a few others only in my words.

So then how can you find out that a feature is bad? I would say you
can by looking at the number of criticism on a certain feature. If you
can find a lot of it it must be something that is carried by the
majority of the gnome community. Bug if you for example just find a
handful of criticism, for example look at the thumbnail size and how
many people you find for that begging to change it, then there is a
valid point in saying that there is just no majority to be found for

In this case (spatial mode) you can find so much criticism on the
subject and so many people that don't want that as the default that
you can fairly easy say that the majority of the gnome users doesn't
like it and prefers the browser mode.

Just a few numbers as an example (all made up but to give the idea)
Imagine there are 20 million people worldwide using gnome (this is a
reasonable guess! both ubuntu and fedora have around 9 million users
all using gnome by default)
of those 20 million there is probably just between 1 and 0.1 percent
that is reading mailing lists and actively asking for support or
asking for a change.
And to write those numbers out. 1% = 200.000 ppl, 0.1% = 20.000 ppl
So. the maximum feedback that you can expect that would represent the
entire gnome community is between 20k ppl and 200k ppl. divide that by
2 to get the average nr of ppl that could post here if they read it
then you get a number of: 100.000 ppl. And those are divided over:
ubuntu, fedora, bla bla and bla.. to much distros to name. but lets
just take the biggest 2 and expect that the gnome community is only in
fedora and ubuntu. then you have a max number of ppl that could vote
and represent the gnome community of just 50.000 ppl. So fedora had a
theoretical chance (in this scenario) of getting 50.000 votes for
anything gnome related. and there will never be 50.000 ppl here on
this list. more like 1000. And that is getting close to the reality.
Then we have a 1/10 vote already (way more then 100 posts om this
subject but that with multiple posts included) And i frankly don't
think it's gonna get higher then 1/10. and i tent to believe that 1/10
in this case is indeed representing the majority of gnome in which
case this default setting has to change to browser mode.

Oke. i nearly lost myself in those numbers ^_^

This will also clear up that there is simply no way to see is there is
a majority for this or not. simply because the exact numbers of linux
users is not clear let alone the number of gnome users.
To me the best way to see if there is a mojority to change this
feature into the browser mode remains just by googling and see how
easy you can find discussion f it.

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