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Re: boost rebuild status

>>>>> "AW" == Adam Williamson  writes:


AW> Note that Miro only depends on Boost because it has an internal
AW> copy of rasterbar libtorrent.

Yep, I know about this.  

AW> This means:

AW> a) there is obviously a patch to make rasterbar libtorrent build
AW> and work with Boost 1.37.0, since you made Miro work.

AW> b) Miro should stop using its own copy of libtorrent and use the
AW> system one.

Indeed, I was the person pestering upstream to fix this, which they
have done so in SVN.

AW> I knocked up a patch to make Miro 1.28 use system libtorrent (they
AW> added this to upstream SVN post-1.28, but it required a bit of
AW> re-diffing).  You can find it here:

Rather than adding that patch, I'm probably going to wait until Miro
2.0 is released (which should be very soon) where it will be
unnecessary.  Currently Miro builds and works, and unless there is yet
another boost soname bump, it should continue to build.


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