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Re: [Fedora Update] [stable] rcsslogplayer-13.1.0-1.fc8

On 19.12.2008 20:48, Jesse Keating wrote:
On Fri, 2008-12-19 at 22:36 +0330, Hedayat Vatnakhah wrote:
Sine these updates do not come with many changes, and these packages
were stable enough during latest releases, I think these packages will not
show any unexpected behavior.
But anyway, if you think that it's not appropriate, I will submit them for testing.
It's up to you to use your best judgment, but you should share that
judgment with your users in the form of the bodhi notes, so that they
can understand why you made that decision.

Jesse, I appreciate your efforts. But OTOH I wonder: Is it time for a "Best practices for package updates" document in the wiki? It for example could have a sections like "Please only update packages in releases that are EOL soon if there is a good reason to", "when filing update requests in bodhi please state some good reasons why you are shipping the new version as regular update" and similar hints.

I guess above could even be done without FESCo involvement. Or is there such a document already somewhere and I just missed it?

Further: Maybe some real guidelines for package updating are needed. Right now some maintainers take care of their packages in a debian-like way, while others seems to do the follow the "always latest and greatest everywhere" concept. From a uses standpoint that just confusing imho. A "this is how it normally should be done" could help.

And yes, of course there always will be reasons to do things different then the guidelines say now and then. The decision imho still should be left to the "best judgment" by the package maintainer. But guiding them a bit might be a good idea.


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