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Re: Becoming a co-maintainer. How? (proftpd)

On Sat, 20 Dec 2008 02:08:57 -0800, Toshio wrote:

> Okay, so it sounds like FESCo wants to see whether:
> 1) provenpackagers feel comfortable just stepping up and making changes
> after they've done due diligence trying to contact the maintainer.
> 2) Whether there will be any hurt feelings on the part of maintainers
> when provenpackagers make changes to their packages.
> Since the OP said they have provenpackager and has tried to contact
> thias, I guess it's time to see how these two work out.

2) -> depends on what changes someone wants to apply.

It ought to start with actual bug-fixes (in reply to bz tickets!) and
security-fixes. Not version upgrades, because upstream has released just
another minor release including "rewrites from scratch", feature
enhancements, "minor fixes" and similar stuff that breaks quite often.
Not major spec formatting changes or "cleanup" either.

Package maintainers do need to set up mail filters for the cvs commit
diffs anyway. It wouldn't surprise me if in several cases they would
reply quickly after seeing the commits.

What's the status update on bodhi? Can provenpackagers submit
updates for packages they can commit to and build? Or do they need
to be in the pkg's devel cancommit acl?

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