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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

On Fri, Dec 19, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Horst H. von Brand <vonbrand inf utfsm cl> wrote:
Thomas Bendler <ml bendler-net de> wrote:
> [Wants a vote here, as otherwise it is "designing without
>  numbers". Claims Google shows majority don't like spatial]
A vote here (where just the ones who feel strongly about the matter) is not
a way to find out what "the users" want/like.

How did you find out that spatial mode is what the users want? You didn't vote? Only a few people decided to use spatial mode because they think it's what users like? Sorry, but the only things I here in this discussion is why we can't find out what users like (or why this is the wrong approach to find out what users like) and therefore we simply leave everything as it is. I agree if you say this might not be representative if we only make a poll on this list but fact is, no other distributions like Ubuntu, SuSE nor Windows nor Mac OS use spatial mode by default. I still don't get the point why Fedora goes a different way and the only answer I saw so far was something like we can't count what people like more. Make a simple compare, search for Ubuntu and the question on how to switch to spatial mode and make the same for Fedora on how to browser mode. Do you see the difference? I think this something which reflect (not in a perfect way but good enough) what people want.

And you surely realize that what Google finds is just the complaints of
those who _don't_ like it, those who like it won't go around commenting on
the feature. Besides, if Google shows a few hundred complaints, that is
still a tiny minority of Gnome users.

It's more than a few hundred and as I stated before, compare the number of entries for people asking to switch to spatial mode with the number of questions asking to switch to browser mode. For me it is quite clear that browser mode is preferred by the majority of users but maybe I'm wrong.

Regards, Thomas

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