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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

2. I always was under the impression that gnome especially was a
democracy but it turns out it's under dictatorship and then call it:
"Meritocracy" with a dictator like taste.

No, gnome is not a democracy at all, and does not claim to be. The individual module maintainers basically have total control over their modules. They can accept or reject patches and ideas. You can call that benevolent dictatorship if you like.

Maintainers become maintainers by doing the bulk of the hard coding work.

The Gnome Foundation board is elected, but the foundation does not aim to tell what the developers to do. It provides logistics, support, and advocacy.

Just dispelling some notions...

Personally, I don't like the spatial view either... or the fact that I can't rename a file from within the filechooser...

Some of my patches are accepted. Some are rejected. C'est la vie.

- Mike

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