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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

Les Mikesell wrote:
> I think there is really a better approach to this, but it doesn't mesh
> all that well with RPM capabilities.  That is, for every package or
> package group where there is more than one commonly desired
> configuration, there should be multiple configuration packages where the
> last one installed wins, conceptually similar to the way the
> caching-nameserver package is just a different configuration for bind.

For KDE, this is already possible, and in fact one of the reasons why our
settings are in a separate kde-settings package.

You can have a package with:
Name: kde-settings-lesmikesell
Provides: kde-settings = 1:4.1
Conflicts: kde-settings < 1:4.1 kde-settings > 1:4.1
(but I don't think we should allow such packages within Fedora, they're a
matter of personal preference and should thus be kept local).

We also support /etc/kde for custom per-machine configuration changes, so
it's also possible to have a package which puts settings there, overriding
only the settings you want to change instead of replacing kde-settings.
That way you inherit any kde-settings changes automatically and don't have
to rebuild the customized kde-settings for them. The drawback is that this
makes it harder to customize the settings per machine, so it's only a good
idea if the person building the package is also the site admin and does all
configuration changes in the package.

Maybe a hierarchical system like that would be possible in GNOME? The config
file search path in F10's KDE looks like this:
* ~/.kde/share/config/ is per user.
* /etc/kde/ is per machine.
* /usr/share/kde-settings/kde-profile/default/share/config/ is per distro
(Fedora's kde-settings defaults).
* /usr/share/config/ is what KDE upstream defaults to.
and of course some software has builtin defaults. But often the builtin
default for things like bookmarks is empty and upstream fills them
in /usr/share/config/ config files.

It's also possible to use a different profile than the kde-settings default
profile, but unfortunately support for that in KDE 4 is currently
lackluster, so I recommend using /etc/kde instead.

(I dropped the Nautilus list from the CC because this has nothing to do with
Nautilus. If it was to be applied to GNOME, it'd have to be set up for all
of GNOME, not just Nautilus.)

        Kevin Kofler

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