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Re: Suggest new Suspend policy

Den 21. dec. 2008 20.01 skrev Alexey Kuznetsov <ak axet ru>:
Current suspend policy prevent do normal mobile work. I suggest for fedora 11 change suspend policy to new one.

Here is current points:
- normal state
- automatic suspend when inactivity (power managment option)
- session application (torrents, update process)
- user actions (close laptop, press power button)

For now if some session application active, she prevent move your laptop from one place to another, that because ANY application can prevent you close laptop and change his location. Everyone know - no good to transport notebook in active state.

I suggest to create new rule for power managment system: any user action can turn off machine or send it to suspend state, session application can prevent only AUTOMATIC actions like automatic suspending.

For that to work we would have to first put out extensive information on this change in behaviour along with information on how to opt-out (in case of a broken setup, during the time the problem is being debugged I might want to be able to use my machine). You would also need really good guides on how to narrow the search for the problem and gathering of information to avoid wasting development time repeating the same questions.

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