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Re: Stability and Release Cycles - An Idea

On Mon, 2008-12-22 at 07:06 -0500, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 22, 2008 at 10:55:57AM +0100, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> > > updates and you can't find a linux related site to host your stuff
> > > initially you are doing something wrong or don't have enough interested
> > > skilled people.
> > 
> > The time estimate is based on the time it took to get RPM Fusion up and
> > running.
> Which was a large project based upon merging existing large projects and done
> for the first time. It has complex dependancies and politics.
> Thats a bit like saying "Well concorde was hard so my paper aeroplane will
> take five years to fold"
Wrong, it's like saying "there are easy and effective ways and there are
less effective ways to achieve something".

> I've been in the Free Software world for a fair number of years and I will
> say this - there are the people who say it is too hard/costs too much/can't be
> done and there are the people who just do it anyway. Do you think Linux would
> exist if Linus had started from a costing analysis for MS Windows or 4BSD ?
> Just do it, the rest will fall into place if there is any interest.
Right, implementing a fork is the last resort, when an opensource
project's leadership doesn't want listen.

Other options would exist if there was willingness amongst Fedora's
sponsors and amongst Fedora's leadership - Both apparently do not exist.


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