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Re: Encrypted home directory

2008/12/22 Nikolay Vladimirov <nikolay vladimiroff com>
2008/12/22 Muayyad AlSadi <alsadi gmail com>:
> I guess we should have an optional special directory inside each user's home
> let's say it's named private
> a trivial pygtk tool can call fuse to mount a file there into the same directory
> what do you think ?
> I guess I have 1000000s config files on my home, apps will start very
> slow if they are encrypted (think firefox for example)
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It's good to have an option to do both encrypted home and dedicated
encrypted dir in home.
Sice it's normal to have programs that save your passwords in
plaintext in their configs. And yes,
most of them do that because they also send the passwords in plaintext
over the net,
and if someone watches your traffic it will be trivial to find them.
Also it's good to encrypt the cache of some programs since it's common
that you don't want
your browser history, cache, etc. to be visible.

Wouldn't saving passwords in plaintext (presumably also history and cache) be a bug?  

However I find it simpler and safer to use hardware disk
encryption(from the BIOS config) and a bunch of other thinkpad
security stuff.
I'm not really sure if this kind of stuff is widely available on other
hardware. So this software encryption thing seems nice.

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