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Re: Stability and Release Cycles - An Idea

Jesse Keating wrote:
> Trying to do a ff update for F8 in 8 months time would be a real treat.

I'm pretty sure Remi Collet _will_ be doing Firefox updates for F8 8 months
from now, right now he's still building Firefox updates for FC4.

The secret there: just update it to the new version. Even RHEL 4 got updated
to Firefox 3. How to handle apps which are built against firefox-devel?
Remi just provides a firefox2 for those. It won't be ideal if Mozilla EOLs
Firefox 2 and nobody volunteers to backport security fixes, but at least
the browser can be updated. Alternatively, the apps could be rebuilt
against xulrunner, backporting the F9 packages where necessary. It could
even be decided on an app-by-app basis.

Now I think it's pretty pointless to provide updated Firefox builds for
Fedora releases which get no other updates, but it does prove that it's

        Kevin Kofler

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