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Re: Stability and Release Cycles - An Idea

Kevin Kofler wrote:

Now I don't think that idea is implementable in practice, at least not
without major changes to how both RHEL and Fedora are developed which I
don't think are ever going to happen. But it's the idea and I think Les
described it pretty clearly. I just disagree with it.

What is your optimal plan for someone to have local applications prepared and ready to take advantages of all the new developments in RHEL6 the day it is released?

The strategy I'm talking about is pretty much the way things worked before the RHEL/fedora split where RH X.0 and X.1 were equivalent to fedora versions with X.2 aging to stability, bringing with it the involvement of the community that worked through the development problems and tested their applications against the changes as they were made.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell gmail com

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