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Re: Stability and Release Cycles - An Idea

Les Mikesell wrote:
Kevin Kofler wrote:
Les Mikesell wrote:
Personally, I think the correct approach is to replace such things with
a rebuilt RHEL version where the fix will actually have some QA before
dropping into users' laps, but...

We already explained dozens of times why that can't work, why do you have to bring it up again and again? All you're going to get is more reasons why it
can't work, e.g. Jesse Keating's answers. The major changes to both RHEL
and Fedora which you're asking for are never going to happen.

I bring it up again because it is the only hope I have of fedora being something that I'd have any use to run. If it isn't clearly the track towards the next RHEL/Centos, what's the point?

People have pretty patient with you. It isn't that hard to realize that different people have different requirements. It is just easier to accept that, Fedora isn't suitable for your requirements and it is indeed suitable for those many, who are already using it and contributing to it for whatever reasons (many of which have nothing to EL) and move on. Your points are becoming very repetitive and doesn't accomplish anything new at all.


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