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Re: New font packaging guidelines

Le Mar 23 décembre 2008 01:53, Jeff Spaleta a écrit :

> python-matplotlib is carrying its own fonts around, which I didn't
> catch. My bad. So thanks for doing the auto-review.

We don't have any check to catch non-fonts packages that bundle fonts,
even though we know that causes problems later, so really we are a bit
under-tooled here :(

Anyway, I'd like to remind every packager that decides to drop the TTF
fonts he shipped in his non-font-package, that's it's a good idea to
add a dep on the appropriate DejaVu family, and not on freefonts or
bitstream vera (unless the package has specific style or metric

DejaVu is in the default install set, the others aren't, so adding
them as deps will result in more resource use mirror and user side
(also freefonts will probably be renamed/reorganised before the end of
the cycle).

In Rawhide dejavu has been split in three packages so you only need to
depend on the font family you actually need, not the full set.


Nicolas Mailhot

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