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F9 and F8 broken deps report to be phased out

With Fedora 8 reaching EOL soon, I will stop running Extras repoclosure [1]
for F8 _and_ (!) F9.

If anybody likes to take over and continue with creating reports for F9,
feel free to get back to me in case there are any questions. Contrary to
some rumours, it's not a process that takes hours.

With a distribution getting older, there are more and more updates which
are published for it without enough prior testing. It isn't any fun to see
how some packages with broken dependencies are not being fixed for a long
time, although the package maintainer receives a new report by email
regularly. Among them are updates and upgrades which have been pushed
directly into the "stable" repo. F9 now even contains orphaned packages
which are affected by incompatible dependencies.

[1] http://mschwendt.fedorapeople.org/extras-repoclosure-modified-latest.tgz

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