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Re: Call for vote: Nautilus use Browser view for fedora 11

On Sat, 2008-12-20 at 12:47 -0600, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Can someone who likes (even tolerates) spatial mode describe why?  I'm 
> completely baffled as to why anyone would prefer windows left open all 
> over the place randomly instead of just explicitly opening ones yourself 
> in places where you want them.  For me, it is _always_ extra work to 
> close the unwanted windows compared to opening the ones I want.

Sigh, just for the (google) record:

1) I used Macs before I ever used Linux. The System 7 era, in
particular. My high school was entirely Mac based. What is foreign to
you is quite familiar to me.

2) It is not random. It is entirely non-random. It is persistent.
Everything is always where *you* left it. You are in control.

3) As you navigate commonly used directories, your windows quickly fall
in to places such that they tile nicely, always leaving the close boxes
of previous windows exposed. Tiling windows in this way becomes a
natural habit, and given the persistence you only have to do it once.
You get in the habit of hitting the close box on the previous window
without even thinking about it. Besides, there's shift-doubleclick, same
as on a Mac. (Or double-middle-click, doing the Mac one (or is that two)

3) Set "list" view as default. All my windows are in list mode. List
mode gives you the triangles. It's quite like having a GUI version of
"ls". (Icon mode seems pretty useless without the icon placement
persistence the Mac has. List mode should be default! Let's vote!!!)

4) Bookmark commonly used directory hierarchies. Dig in to them by
clicking the little triangles, reducing the number of windows needed.


Though it does quite annoy me that box-select doesn't work in list mode,
like it does on a Mac, or an Atari ST, or Windows. This means you
absolutely can't do multi-select in list mode without using the
keyboard. This seems to be an artifact of just using a GTK treelist

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