Packaging: name changes?

Jarod Wilson jwilson at
Wed Feb 6 14:48:54 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 06 February 2008 03:45:45 am Kelly Miller wrote:
> BTW, since my mind is on it right now, I'm going to let you know that
> there may be a problem with Mock's ability to build x86_64-based
> packages.  When I tried, it kept erroring out due to unfulfilled
> dependencies (like bash and such), which I didn't get when I tried x86.
> Since it's not Mock that's erroring out, but the actual install process,
> I believe the problem is either with the configuration file (which is
> the default that comes with Fedora) or with the install system itself.

Works just fine for me and many others... And on the build systems... You're 
not doing anything crazy like trying to build x86_64 bits on an x86 host are 
ya? :)

Jarod Wilson
jwilson at

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