Incompatible Unison update (and solution?)

Stephen Warren s-t-rhbugzilla at
Thu Feb 21 19:05:06 UTC 2008

So, I'm a Fedora packager. I can look into packaging the old Unison
version alongside the bleeding-edge version. I imagine (hope) it'd be as
simple as pulling the old .spec file from CVS and renaming the package.

So, we might end up with:

unison     # Always the latest
unison2.13 # Fixed at a certain release
unison2.10 # Fixed at a certain release

Eventually, if/when unison gets upgraded to something else, we would then
grow unison2.27 too.

Would Fedora accept this compatibility package? It seems that the naming
would be "unison2.13" to follow the naming conventions of Debian/Ubuntu
and Cygwin.

Should we even have the "moving"/"unversioned" unison package, or only
packages with the version in the package name?

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