Creating live USB keys in Windows

Luke Macken lmacken at
Sat Feb 2 10:27:40 UTC 2008


So, I wrote some code that will install a Fedora Live ISO onto a USB
stick, in Windows.

It automatically detects all removable drives, finds your ISO, extracts
it to your USB key, tweaks the syslinux.cfg, and installs the

From a user perspective, using it is pretty simple:
- download fedora
- download and extract
- drag fedora iso into directory
- double click 'livecd-iso-to-usb.exe'
- ...profit!

It has worked great during all of my testing, and Jesse seemed to have
good luck with it today, but we definitely need more people to try it
out before we can start recommending it to users.

    In action:
    The binary:
    The code: git clone

Comments/suggestions/patches/flames ?


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