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Glade(2/3) and Anjuta in comps-f9.xml

Looking at http://cvs.fedoraproject.org/viewcvs/comps/comps-f9.xml.in?view=markup
I find that Glade2 and Anjuta are marked as default and optional
respectively. While Glade 3.4.1 (separate package from Glade2) is
already there in the repositories, we are soon going to have a fresh
new Anjuta package (atleast 2.2.3) in Fedora.

However, the latest versions of Anjuta -- both 2.2.3 (stable) and
2.3.x (unstable) -- need Glade3 for its Glade plugin to work. So can
we consider replacing Glade2 by Glade3 in the comps-f9.xml.in for
Fedora 9? As far as I know, this would affect the Live Developer Spin
and the non-live GNOME DVD.

What do you think?

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