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Re: request: can somebody please port googleearth-package to fedora?

Andrew Farris wrote:

Unless I'm mistaken its a very different situation to the game data packages anyway since what is obtained is not just data but compiled code, where the game packages have open source code and closed binary data (afaik). Google earth has neither open.

Please note I am definitely *not* advocating it should be.

Neither am I.

Not 'in Fedora' anyway, but I agree with what I think Douglas is after... it would be great if it was available to Fedora users somehow, and easily installable in a clean way (i.e. a personal repo or perhaps in Livna).

I must confess at this point that I either agree, or could be persuaded to. But I really agree with the whole point. I was posting here because I think I'd likely find the ears/eyes of someone interested, capable and willing to do this and 'put it in the ether'. I really have no strong opinion about it living in official fedora land. Clearly alongside nvidia drivers at livna seems entirely appropriate.

Though just to pick nits... One could reasonably claim that this is closed source content for the open source OpenGL platform.

Now, if someone wanted to be REALLY COOL- they could port NASA whirlwind (or whatever its called this year) to native linux/java/opengl, such that there truly is a 100% open source code+content viable alternative to google earth on fedora. Anybody willing to take up that challenge?


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