Head Up: Prepare for dropping fuse group in the nearest future

Steve Grubb sgrubb at redhat.com
Thu Feb 7 15:29:13 UTC 2008

On Thursday 07 February 2008 04:51:01 Alexander Larsson wrote:
> Fedora fears that fuse has a security problem, so instead of being
> willing to fix this we forbid users not in the fuse group to use it.

Fuse needs to be looked at carefully. A lot of review and work went into mount 
for Common Criteria. By adding another parallel system, we need to do all the 
same careful review. This is work that I really had not planned on.

> Now, Gnome (and many other things) start using fuse because it lets you
> implement very desireable features.

What are these desirable features? Just curious since I may wind up doing a 
lot of code review.


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