to autodownload or not to autodownload

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Sat Feb 9 08:28:07 UTC 2008

2008/2/8 Leszek Matok <Lam at>:
> So if Codeina and autodownloader stay, why can't we add Adobe's yum repo to
> the default configuration? We all know there's never be a way to replace Flash
> (other than for playing ads which don't use any streaming) and in Adobe's case,
> they're obviously Fedora-friendly (yum repo) and there's no way to infringe
> on anything.
> With that repo in place, browsers (after asking the user, of course) could
> simply run the yum GUI of the day asking it to install flash-plugin. The
> second most frequently asked question about how to make Fedora usable is gone.
> Think about it.

We have swfdec in rawhide now... I don't see a compelling reason to
prefer Adobe's proprietary implementation over an open source
solution.. even if the open source solution isn't as capable as
adobe's proprietary code.

Though I'm not really sure what you're complaining about, I think
firefox still attempts to get Adobe's plugin if it detects that its
needed, or have you been ignoring Valent's complaints about that being
broken in rawhide?

This is thread is covering too many topics and people are straining
the bounds of logic by comparing the different situations with regard
to where the line is drawn with regard to code versus content.  I'm
prepared to participate in a review of codeina on its merits, but I'm
not going to waste any more time in reading opinions that hold up
codeina as a precedent setter for other things to do.


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