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Re: Haskell Packaging Guidelines Review

Hi Yaakov,

Sorry for the late followup.  Glad to have you join our Haskell SIG. :)

I've been working on writing up guidelines for packaging Haskell
packages.  I need some input from people who know their way around
Fedora very well. Some of the issues involved nuances of Haskell, but
many of them are questions because I don't know enough about Fedora
myself.  If any one has the time to give these a looking over, and
comment on some of the points where I've left question marks, it would
be very helpful so that hopefully I might have a few interesting
things in for Fedora 9 Beta.


Thanks for working on this. It is something that the Haskell SIG had not got round to doing yet. Though we are not that big, I think it would help to make a fedora-haskell-list for the SIG, so that we can focus more on the discussion there, since there is so much traffic on f-d-l.

I will try to review your draft carefully soon, and provide some feedback.

Thanks, Jens

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