"dbus in single-user mode?" alias "/usr over bluetooth?"

Stepan Kasal skasal at redhat.com
Wed Feb 13 15:55:14 UTC 2008


I was surprised when I noticed that dbus-daemon lives in /bin.

According to old tradition, /bin and /sbin should contain only
binaries necessary for Single user mode.  In Single user mode, it
seems there is a bash and that seems like all; is it really necessary
to have dbus that low?

Looking into bugzilla, I noticed #104058, "dbus starts too late".
In short, dbus has to be started before bluetooth, which in turn has
to be started before networking.

Now I see that the "traditional" definition is not accurate enough.
/usr over network is an important feature of Fedora, which has to be
kept in mind.  So we have to have (at least some) network support in
/bin and /sbin.

But there are more and more kinds of networking which need more and
more things, which all then should go to /bin.
OTOH, even such a low-level thing as glib is not going to be moved to
/lib, because "is has always been under /usr".

An idea:

Couldn't we split the "networking" to two parts?  Some of them are
suitable for carrying /usr (e.g. eth0), while other obviously aren't
(bluetooth connection to my cell phone).

So the networks which might be needed for /usr would start very
early, while all the bells and whistles about hot plugging modern
gadgets would start later and would not pretent that they do not
depend on /usr mounted.

	Stepan Kasal

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