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Re: pulseaudio causing crashing of applications

Lennart Poettering wrote:
On Thu, 31.01.08 01:31, Andrew Farris (lordmorgul gmail com) wrote:

Warren Togami wrote:
Hi folks,
Is anyone else seeing regular crashing of applications like pidgin, mplayer or xine caused by pulseaudio? Did anybody manage to get useful backtraces out of this?
Warren Togami
wtogami redhat com
I just had an issue with rhythmbox locking up while playing through pulseaudio. It locked only when I switched to VT1 where root was logged in, and it immediately stopped playing and froze. I've got the backtrace for all threads, but the top few are below. The rest is rather long so I won't post it yet. I haven't had rhythmbox do this before tonight.

Usually it will stop playing through the sink device (it is still trying to) until returning to the login that is running rhythmbox, but this time it actually froze and did not keep streaming to the sink.

This is somewhat expected behaviour. Access to the audio device
follows the active session on the display. I.e. if you switch VTs than
ConsoleKit+HAL will change the ACLs of the audio devices and tell PA
to stop accessing the audio device. This will cause playback to pause
for all applications accessing PA. However, as soon as you switch back
the session, the playback should continue. This is not perfect
however, since we don't inform Gst/Rhyhtmbox that the audio device is
temporarily stopped (there's no way to do that afaik).


Well I would expect the writes to the device to be denied, but not that rhythmbox would freeze rather than just continuing to try and play. If in fact the applications all received a 'pause' message that would be ok I suppose, but that is not quite what happened in that situation. Rhythmbox actually thought it was playing the entire time once or twice, the track time continues, and it then gains access to play to the audio device again when returning from VT. The crash is not expected; the track time stopped, and rhythmbox does not respond to input.

So I guess this is an area for improvement to get the applications to correctly handle this situation since it is designed behavior on pulseaudio's end (to deny access while not being the active session).

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