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On 2008/02/15 09:46 (GMT-0800) darrell pfeifer apparently typed:

>> darrell pfeifer pisze:

>> > In today's rawhide firefox/minefield seems to have an incorrect
>>  > impression of the screen size.

>>  > The icons are very large. Any web page I go to I need to zoom out. It
>>  > feels like firefox thinks that the screen is 800x600 rather than
>>  > 1900x1200.

>>  > This also happened about a week ago and magically corrected itself.

>>  > I checked bugzilla for both firefox and nodoka related problems but
>>  > don't see anything.

>>  > Any idea what component might be causing this?

> Everything is very big. The navigation buttons, bookmark toolbar
> icons, etc are all huge. For any new web page that is opened the
> entire content is also huge. Zooming out two or three times gets the
> web page down to a decent readable size.

> I'd say that the problem is with DPI detection for firefox. Not other
> applications seem to be affected. The only exception is that gnome
> Appearance/Theme/Customize/Icons shows some big/blurry icons for
> Crystal SVG and Slick Icons.

> xdpyinfo says

> screen #0:
>   dimensions:    1920x1200 pixels (300x230 millimeters)
>   resolution:    163x133 dots per inch

You've run into a relatively new Gecko "feature", pixel scaling for high DPI systems. See for upstream bugs about this. You can confirm this by visiting to see reported DPI and default FF px setting will probably be about half what xdpyinfo and 'xrdb -query | grep dpi' report.

The crossover point is 144 DPI. As long as your X DPI is below this, FF will behave as you are used to. If your system is really a 163 DPI system, and you don't like the scaling effects, you'll have to reconfigure something so that FF thinks or knows the DPI is less than 144. In about:config you could set layout.css.dpi to 143 as a direct workaround. Also you could set the system's Xft.dpi to less than 144.

If your system is not really a 163 DPI system, you need to reconfigure X so FF doesn't think that's what it is.
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