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>>  If your system is not really a 163 DPI system, you need to reconfigure X so FF doesn't think that's what it is.

> Thanks for the information, it really helped.

> xrdb reports:

> Xft.dpi:	120

> Setting that value in about:config gives a decent display. If I go
> higher (say the 143) then portions of the window on the right and
> bottom aren't visible.

> I'm assuming that the value from xdpyinfo is probably incorrect,
> though I don't know at this point where to look.

Since the massive overhaul of X and video drivers that got serious sometime last summer, the already vexing issue of DPI generally got a lot more complex. It didn't use to matter what your hardware was, the basics remained the same. Now the problems and answers often depend heavily on your gfxcard. Take a look at the #2 link on for the traditional explantion. The other links here could be helpful, but DPI now on Linux is such a moving
target that it's hard to be helpful. Often the easiest way through these issues, if 3D and games don't matter to you, is old gfxcards that don't get the new driver features like intel, nvidia and ati get. Of course, the fact you're running Rawhide should mean you're willing to participate in getting the bugs found and worked out of new features. :-)
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