SELinux smolt stats

Yaakov Nemoy loupgaroublond at
Tue Feb 19 04:45:00 UTC 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 11:25 PM, James Morris <jmorris at> wrote:
> It seems that the SELinux enablement stats are now online -- thanks!
> I have a question about what the numbers mean.  The current values are:
>   SELinux Enabled
>   False         185085  53.3 %
>   True          162262  46.7 %
> for 347347 registered hosts.
> Now, the "OS" column include several distros and versions, including FC5,
> Centos5 through to current rawhide, with the same number of total hosts.
> As the SELinux figures have only been collected since F8, does this mean
> that we should calculate "total SELinux enabled" only for:
>   OS                    Hosts
>   F8                    130282
>   F7.x (rawhide)          5517
>   F8.x (rawhide)           920
>   ----------------------------
>                         136719 (actually providing SELinux stats)
>   ----------------------------
> where the percentage enabled is actually thus at least 74% ?

We probably need more detailed reporting for this sort of thing.  I'll
put it on a TODO, for after FOSDEM.  I wanted to get this draft out,
so we can decide what reporting we need on a more evolutionary basis.
(Or by intelligent design if you hold by that sort of thing.)

(Don't worry, I made myself promise myself that I wouldn't pick up new
project ideas this time around.  I'll hopefully be able to take care
of this fairly quickly.)


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