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Jens Petersen petersen at
Thu Feb 21 01:48:36 UTC 2008

I am writing this mail as a long time Fedora user, not so much as a 
Fedora developer, so feel free to flame away, etc: though I am not 
really trying to start painful flame-war here...

For a long time (actually as long as I can remember;) I wondered why 
Evolution was our default Mail application (MUA).  I was a long time 
user of Emacs MUAs, so I feel my background is fairly neutral - but I 
have never been able to use Evolution for long.  These days I use 
Thunderbird since alas I gradually found Emacs too slow for imap.  I am 
not married to Thunderbird but it mostly does what I want it and it is 
pretty stable at least.

So what are the arguments for keeping Evolution as the default Mail 
application in Fedora?  This question seems particularly relevant now 
with things like the Lightning calendar extension and the launch of 
Mozilla Messaging.  Evolution is different enough from regular GNOME 
applications to be basically a different platform, and from the 
development point of view it is expensive to have another platform to 

Jens *running to his flamesuit;)*

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