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Re: default mail client

Matthias Clasen wrote:
On Thu, 2008-02-21 at 11:48 +1000, Jens Petersen wrote:
I am writing this mail as a long time Fedora user, not so much as a Fedora developer, so feel free to flame away, etc: though I am not really trying to start painful flame-war here...

For a long time (actually as long as I can remember;) I wondered why Evolution was our default Mail application (MUA). I was a long time user of Emacs MUAs, so I feel my background is fairly neutral - but I have never been able to use Evolution for long. These days I use Thunderbird since alas I gradually found Emacs too slow for imap. I am not married to Thunderbird but it mostly does what I want it and it is pretty stable at least

Anecdotal evidence... here is some anecdotal counter-evicence: I've used
Emacs MUAs in the past too, but have been using Evolution without any
big issues for many years now. And in my experience, people who tend to
have a problem with their mail client switch from evo to thunderbird and
back in quick succession, because the alternative is even worse...

I find Evolution to be completely unusable for IMAP folders. I have dozens of IMAP folders with tens of thousands of messages on two servers. Thunderbird seems to handle this a LOT faster than evolution and crashes less often.


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