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Re: default mail client

Jens Petersen wrote:
So what are the arguments for keeping Evolution as the default Mail application in Fedora? This question seems particularly relevant now with things like the Lightning calendar extension and the launch of Mozilla Messaging. Evolution is different enough from regular GNOME applications to be basically a different platform, and from the development point of view it is expensive to have another platform to maintain.

Have a look at the Mugshot applications usage report - http://mugshot.org/applications Thunderbird is incredibly high for a non-default application (and not even present on the DVD install media). I think it is a strong argument about users making an informed choice *for* Thunderbird. I can only imagine how the stats would look if it would be the other way, with Thunderbird set as a default.

I am a longtime Thunderbird user myself, but before seriously rooting for it as *the* default mail client there is one thing I would like to see: better GNOME integration, at the same level of integration brought by Firefox 3 (stock icons, gtk widgets and such).

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