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Re: Incompatible Unison update

Christopher Aillon wrote:
On 02/21/2008 04:15 PM, Andrew Farris wrote:
I've used unison for awhile, and quite frankly this happens all the time. To handle consistent sync you need to match the versions being used on both sides exactly and keep them there. I've had it break numerous times changing versions within 'compatible' version ranges. Changing those versions means you have to take what currently exists and assume it is in sync the first time you run the new version. This is just how things have been going with unison.

For the record, that sounds dumb and a reason to strongly consider rsync or something else instead of unison.

Yes, its very broken. But just using rsync is a complicated situation as well since the purpose of unison is not just to copy from an authoritative source to a backup (what rsync does wonderfully) but instead to replicate changes made on either side to the other side. Unison will propagate a deletion on either side to the other one, something rsync would need to be run multiple times (with swapped source/destinations) to accomplish.. I tried setting that up once but I just made a mess (it appeared to need 4 runs, one each without delete, then one each direction with delete, but maybe I'm just not thinking it through enough).

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