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Re: Incompatible Unison update

On 21/02/2008, Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> wrote:
> Note: I know nothing about Unison, but I'm jumping in because I very much
>  dislike the tone of Jonathan's answers.

You attribute a tone that wasn't intended - when i said "I fail to see
the problem", that's a statement of fact. However, I accept the

>  Jonathan an update during a stable release changed a network protocol
>  disrupting the reporters workflow, there is a _real_ problem here.

Well.. the update fixes a number of bugs that were showstoppers with
the old version (relating to cross platform issues) - IMO the benefits
of the updated package in terms of serious bug fixes outweighed the
breaking of compatibility with 3rd party repos and ancient

>  Also please even if you believe there is not a problem, please explain so in a
>  gentle, friendlier way. Stating "I fail to see the problem" is not helping in
>  anyway other then to alienate a user, and a valuable user as that as he is
>  providing valuable feedback to Fedora!

Point taken, apologies to Stephen.


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